Artist Statement




Using primarily ceramic processes, I work with image elements from the natural world, focusing on aspects of current environmental change and the resulting impact on habitat and species populations.  I have worked specifically with sturgeon imagery for the past nine years, depicting the animal in contexts that reference their habitat, history and endangered status.  Through this specific investigation, I have grown increasingly interested in the broader environmental predicament.  While currently the endangered sturgeon species is a central image in my work, other species are beginning to appear. Each day brings a new article highlighting the degradation of various species from sturgeon and shark, to bee, brown bat and golden frog.  We live in the company of animals, often unaware of our effect on their populations.  I am fascinated by the incredible rate at which species arise and disappear.  We are all witnesses now of great, swift changes taking place in our natural world.  With this work I hope to spark a broader thoughtfulness about the impact we are having on our physical environment.